Saturday, November 5, 2016

Gamification through Quizlet Live

Many educators have discovered the Quizlet website/app as a learning tool for their students.  If you're unfamiliar, Quizlet launched in 2007 and has since grown into one of the top 50 educational websites in the US.  Quizlet allows users the ability to create "study sets" for student consumption.  Study sets can be applied to any content area and implemented in the form of digital flashcards, short answer questions, and educational games.  In my classes, I’ve found great value in using Quizlet as a tool for review and reinforcement.  I’ve written this blog post to spread the word about Quizlet Live, an interactive new addition to the Quizlet website that students will love.

As teachers, we all have a unit of study our students are not intrinsically motivated to learn about.  As a music educator, that unit has always been classical music history.  I’ve explored a variety of instructional techniques over the years that have been somewhat effective.  My latest and greatest pedagogical approach includes the use of Quizlet Live.

At its core Quizlet Live is an immersive, collaborative game that requires soft skills such as communication and teamwork in order to win.  It’s an ideal example of 21st-century education that allows teachers to become facilitators and students to become active learners.  After all, learning should not be a spectator sport.    

My students have played Quizlet Live on multiple occasions and continue to ask for more; more of a subject they do not generally enjoy.  I have at least one student ask me to play almost every day.  The game has become a powerful motivational tool that increases retention and is often used as a reward.  As a teacher, uttering the phrase “this concept will be included in our next Quizlet Live game” has become an instant hook to engage my middle school students.   If you're looking to revitalize an outdated lesson plan and create student excitement this is worth your time.  

How to get started with Quizlet Live
  • Create your account by clicking sign up HERE.  Educators that already have a Quizlet account can use their pre-existing study sets.
  • For more information about the gameplay itself check out THIS VIDEO
Please note:  I am in no way endorsed by or affiliated with Quizlet LLC.  

Are you or your colleagues already using Quizlet? 
What educational games are most utilized in your schools?