Saturday, May 13, 2017

Top 5 Education Podcasts

Podcasts or “audio blogs” have become quite popular over time, and for good reason.  This free and convenient source of media provides an ideal format for anyone with time to listen.  Research suggests that roughly 100 million Americans have listened to at least one Podcast by the age of twelve!  Have you ever listened to a Podcast? If not, I've included a YouTube video at the end of this post to help get you started.

As a lifelong learner with a significant morning commute, I’ve found Podcasts to be a consistent source of motivation and stimulation while on the go.  I regularly listen to episodes on the topics of education, leadership, technology, productivity, and health.

There are an array of choices available to educators, but not all shows are created equal...  Some have too many advertisements, some have been created solely to promote a product, and some are just plain boring.  I’m writing today to save you time and help steer you in the right direction on your listening path.  

First and foremost, I’m going to recommend you check out The Education Podcast Network.  This resource is a great starting point for any educator looking to discover relevant content.  Many of the shows featured on their website are hosted by successful teachers, administrators, and thought leaders on a wide variety of topics.  Some of the Podcasts I list below are part of this network and some are not, but for newbies, this is a great starting point to education Podcasts.  

In no particular order, here are my top 5 favorite Podcasts.

  1. Better Leaders Better Schools-  As a young principal, Daniel Bauer has created a network for school leaders to come together and learn from one another.  His Podcast guests explore leading with courage, changing school culture, and relationship building.  As a host, Daniel comes across as a bright individual who doesn’t take himself too seriously.  This makes for an informative and enjoyable listening experience.  
  2. The Fat-Burning Man-  Don’t be fooled, the title of this show refers to “mankind” and has a lot to offer any gender.  I stumbled onto this Podcast a few months before my wife and I got married.  The show is hosted by nutrition and fitness guru Abel James and centers around healthy diet and lifestyle choices.  I originally began listening to lose a few pounds weight but have learned a lot about healthy sleep habits, exercise routines, and happiness.
  3. The Cult of Pedagogy-  This Podcast focuses on strategies, classroom management, education technologies, and best practices specifically for teachers.  Jennifer Gonzalez is a down-to-earth and witty host that brings practical advice directly to teachers all over the globe in 20-30 minute weekly episodes.
  4. Master Leadership-  This show invites its listeners on a journey seeks to take their leadership skills from average to extraordinary.  Guests on this show are typically battle- tested educational leaders who share their philosophies, stories, and leaderships tips for the sake of our youth.  I recently had the pleasure of being a guest interviewee on this show.  If you’re interested in taking a listen, I’m on episode #51.  
  5. TWiT-  This Week in Tech is the flagship Podcast hosted by Leo Laporte and a staple in the technology world.  Laporte generally always has a panel of 3-4 tech experts alongside him to discuss the hottest tech stories each week.  This show is not directly related to education, but, technology is one of my passions and many of the emerging technologies they cover end up in our schools.