Anthony F. Virgilio

Professionally, I’m a dedicated teacher with 10 years experience on Long Island, NY.  Through the years I’ve taught students ranging from 6-12th grade in three different buildings.  Although my content area is music, I recently earned a master’s degree in educational leadership and aspire to someday become an administrator.    

In my personal life I’m a proud husband and dad.  I always put family first and love my baby more than words can say.  During my free time I enjoy staying fit, playing guitar with the band and spending time with friends. 

The Extracurricular Reflections blog has been created to act as a mechanism to share my thoughts, ideas, opinions and experiences with the world.  Although some posts will naturally center around music and secondary education, many will not.  I tend to look at education as a whole and feel compelled to write about universal topics concerning the big picture.

If you like what you read please leave a comment or reach out to me via social media.  I’m always looking to expand my professional learning network and value connecting with like-minded individuals.  You can find me on twitter @AFVirgilio

Thanks for visiting and enjoy the blog!